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Can't find what you're looking for? Click here!

Deoxidizer & Wax - "Magic Boss"

SKU 542600M

Magic Boss Deoxidizer & Wax is a specialized surface treatment for all types of vehicles.

It cleans black streaks, removes oxidation, provides a gloss, seals and waxes all in one step.

Ideal for aluminum, fiberglass and painted surfaces of cars, trucks and RV’s that have lost their luster and whose colours have been affected by the ravage of time.

With its long lasting protection (6 to 8 months), it gives a glossy finish, protects and prevents damages caused by sun, acid rain and most contaminants.

RECOMMENDATION: If the vehicle is covered with dirt, first wash using MAGIC-BOSS™ WASH & WAX and let dry for better result.

This same product can be used for regular cleaning as not to alter the wax already in place.